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Rainbow Songs Logo

Rainbow Songs

Item: Set of 6 Award-winning Children's CDs from Rainbow Songs
Value: $120.00

Vital Physiotherapy Logo

Vital Physio Therapy

Item: 1 Hour Massage
Value: $110.00

Fit Mom Logo

Fit Mom

Item: 8 Class Pass
Value: $170.00

Healthy Moms Logo

Healthy Moms

Item: 1 Lifetime Membership
Value: $29.95

AGO Logo

Art Gallery of Ontario

Item: 4 Admissons
Value: $78.00

Silly Goose Logo

Silly Goose Kids

Item: Sakura Bloom Ring Sling & $10 gift card
Value: $145.00

Sleep Belt Logo

Sleep Belt

Item: Sleep Belt - Winner Picks Colour & Size
Value: $65.00

De La Mer Logo

De La Mer Fresh Fish Market

Item: Gift Certificate
Value: $50.00

Konverge Logo

Konverge Digital Solutions

Item: App Store & iTunes Gift Card
Value: $100.00

4 Trimesters Conference Logo

4 Trimesters

Item: 1 ticket to the 4 Trimesters conference
Value: $104.00

Grove Family Care

Grove Family Care

Item: 2 hours of Postpartum Doula Service & 10% discount if extended

Lil Monkey Cheeks Logo

Lil' Monkey Cheeks

Item: Chimparoo Ring Sling
Value: $100.00

Tundra Leather Logo

Tundra Leather

Item: Toiletry Bag
Value: $65.00

Alex James Wellness

Alex James Wellness

Item: 3 Hour Postpartum Doula Visit & 10% discount if more hours are purchased

Up with Mama Babywearing Services

Item: 1hr Babywearing Consultation
Value: $75.00

Carry With Love Logo

Carry With Love

Item: 1hr Babywearing Consultation
Value: $60.00

Babywearing Educator - Magdalena Wojtas Logo

Magdalena Wojtas

Item: Two 1 Hr Babywearing Consultation
Value:$60.00 each

Perfect Fit Babywearing

Item: 1hr Babywearing Consultation
Value: $60.00

Sweet Legs Niki

SweetLegs with Niki

Item: Mommy and Me set of leggings
Value: $45.00

Breathing Inspiration Logo

Breathing Inspiration

Item: Two Bracelets
Value:$25.00 each

Yellow Birch Logo

Yellow Birch

Item: E-Gift Card
Value: $100.00

Huggaloops Logo


Item: Gift Card
Value: $150.00

Ava's Apple Tree

Ava's Apple Tree

Item: Manduca Baby Carrier

baby parka logo

Baby Parka

Item: baby parka™ carrier coat
Value: $100.00


Fabian Chan Photography

Item: Family Photo Session
Value: $570.00

With My Baby Logo

With My Baby

Item: Gift Card
Value: $100.00


Baby Mama Fitness

Item: 6 Week Session
Value: $125.00

Cradled Logo


Item: Personalized 30-minute Infant or Toddler Sleep Consultation (by phone or skype)
Value: $50.00

Salsa Babies Logo

Salsa Babies Toronto West

Item: 6-Week Session of Salsa Babies Toronto West
Value: $95.00

Annex Judo Academy

Item: 6 Week Session
Value: $350.00

Snips and Snails Logo

Snips and Snails

Item: Lenny Lamb Buckle Onbuhimo
Value: $129.25

chdesign logo


Item: Custom WordPress Marketing Website
Value: $800.00

Luna Dream Logo

Luna Dream

Item: 4 Woven Wraps Size 4, 5, 6, & 7
Value: $70.00-$110.00

Potter & Pehar Logo

Potter & Pehar

Item: 100% Linen Ring Sling
Value: $65.00

SIIMA Handmade Logo

SIIMA Handmade

Item: Gift Card & an Angel Wings Babywearing Hoodie (XL)
Value: $50.00 (gift card), $179.00 (Hoodie)

Lovely Life Lips Logo

Lovely Life Lips

Item: Starter Lips Kit (Lip colour, gloss and remover)
Value: $67.00

little zen one logo

Little Zen One

Item: Belly Bedaine Babywearing sweater
Value: $86.00

Birdie's Room Logo

Birdie's Room

Item: two-layered blanket made from Didymos wrap fabric & a Size 6 Didymos Facett Roxanna woven wrap
Value: $86 (blanket) & $206 (wrap)

Mars Design Logo

Mars Design Studio

Item: Personalized birth announcement / statistics art print
Value: $45.00

Salsa Babies Logo

Salsa Babies Mississauga

Item: 1 Session Pass
Value: $100.00

Ashley Picket Logo

Ashley Pickett

Item: Gift Certificate that can be used towards any service
Value: $100.00

Lotus Mom Logo

Lotus Mom

Item: Two hours of free postpartum doula care and a 10% discount if hours are extended
Value: $80.00

Moksha Yoga Logo

Moksha Yoga St. Clair West And Uptown

Item: 6-Week Session Of Parent-Baby Yoga Classes
Value: $102.00